Strawberries for the best ever Teeth Condition


estimonial: removing tartar and healing gums with strawberries

Gentle calculus removal home remedy


Ane Marie from Denmark sent in the following testimonial in July 2009. It is another example of how the “simplest” things and processes can serve to heal various dental problems… (for some of the causes of tartar, compare Tooth remineralisation & demineralisation, saliva & pH.)

Here is Ane Marie’s story.

“I followed a little piece of advice on your site about tartar and strawberry1 – and the following amazing thing happened:

I have not joined the tooth doctor for several years, and I have used dental soap2 for my teeth, but I have developed a lot of yellow-brown calculus on the inner side of my teeth. So I wanted to try the advice with the strawberries.

First I brushed my teeth with smashed strawberry, then I cut ten strawberries in half and put them into my mouth on the place where the tartar was, one strawberry at a time. I closed my mouth, sat with the first strawberry for about ten minutes, replaced it with a new one and so on for 40 minutes.

I went to the bathroom and when I touched the tartar with my fingertips, it simply came off, voilà. It looked like the scale you see in water kettles (same kind of chalk?). It felt like small stones, so for a minute I thought it was pieces of the tooth but it wasn’t. Now I have a clean mouth and it was the easiest thing in the world.

5 days later I did it again.The week after I noticed that at the one spot in my mouth where the gums had been red, there was now the finest new pink skin. So it helped my gums as well.”

Another way to remove tartar gently and naturally

Jaquie Davison (who had success with Tooth regeneration via Gerson diet detoxification reports that eating organic apples one day made large chunks of calculus come off from inside her lower front teeth leaving her teeth beautifully clean and perfect.

On a related note

A friend who has suffered from intermittent pain between two molars (likely related to tartar buildup) reported the pain being relieved when he applied a piece of tomato to the spot.

Footnotes by Healing Teeth Naturally

1 See Herbs and plants for strengthening teeth and gums: strawberries

2 Compare Brushing teeth with soap.